Closed Captioning on iTunes Required by June 30th

closed captioning

Apple has announced that all iTunes videos must have closed captioning by June 30th or the video will be removed from the iTunes platform. According to ZooDigital, the iTunes store has a serious lack of captioned content:

“In a review of captioned content conducted in early June, ZOO discovered that approximately 18% of the movie content on US iTunes would be removed if not updated – including much-loved movies from major Hollywood studios and content from independent filmmakers.”

There are however exceptions to the new policy:

“A few exceptions to the rule are noted when looking at foreign language titles. These titles must instead include English subtitles to translate the foreign language audio and qualify for sale in the US Store. The requirements are as follows:

iTunes Movies

  • Movies that are not in English and have not been broadcast in the US do not need closed captions. They must however include either English subtitles or Subtitles for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing (SDH).

iTunes TV Episodes

  • TV episodes that are not in English and have never been broadcast in the US do not need closed captions, however they must include burned-in English subtitles or SDH.”

Need a project closed captioned visit our captioning page.

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