closed captioning    Closed Captioning Rates
Turnaround Time Captioning Price
3 Business Days $4.00/Minute
2 Business Days $5.25/Minute
24 Hour $6.50/Minute
Same Day Rush $8.00/Minute
Please Note
  • Price Example: 10 minutes of video closed captioned @ $4.00/minute = $40.00
  • Unless a transcript is provided, transcription rates do apply.
  • Our Business Hours are until 6pm EST. Any file uploaded past 6pm will roll into the next Business Day.
  • Files sent on a Friday for weekend delivery (Saturday or Sunday) are considered Same Day Rush.
  • Files sent on the weekend (or after hours Friday) for Weekend Rush will be subject to a surcharge and depends on our availability.
  • If the audio is hard to hear, distorted, or there are heavy foreign accents we add $0.25 to $1.00 per minute depending on the difficulty.
  • Get a quote or email us for more information.
  • Send files to start your project.

We Provide Every Closed Captioning or Subtitle File Format Available Including:
  • For the Web: YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes, and Netflix captioning
  • DVD/Blu-Ray Files (.SCC, .SRT .XML, .TXT)
  • On-Air TV (Standard Definition & HD Video)
  • QuickTime HD .MOV with Embedded Captions
  • Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and AVID caption files
  • Windows Media Player SAMI (.SMI)
  • Other files types: Cheetah .CAP, .MCC, .DFXP, .XML and Timed Text
  • Subtitle files such as .SRT, .Spruce .STL, WebVTT, and Adobe Encore .TXT
  • Click to see our full list of caption files & formats.
  • See some YouTube videos we captioned.
In-House Captioning

All of our projects are done in-house at Flawless Transcription. We never outsource our transcription or closed captioning services.

Flawless Closed Captioning 

Captions should be enjoyable & easy to follow for the viewer. Our closed captions are not automated or created by a computer; they are created by people. We deliver high quality closed captions that are easily accessible to everybody.

This is an example video from YouTube showing Flawless Transcription’s ability to closed caption or subtitle any video.

Our Captions are Compliant

Flawless Transcription complies to all regulations from the FCC and meets the requirements of the ADA as well. This ensures your video will meet the standards that are set by these agencies.

Open Captions and Subtitles

We also offer open captions and subtitle services. Open captions, or subtitles, is a text track that is permanently displayed on the screen, whereas with closed captioning you have the option of turning off the captions. Subtitles are used in a situation where the audio is either hard to hear or cannot be played. You often see subtitles at museum exhibits, large corporate events, noisy public venues such as a train station or stadium.

We can provide subtitle data files and if you would like we will print subtitles directly onto your video. Once the subtitles are printed you can convert your video to any format and show it anywhere with the subtitles displayed at all times.

Why Caption Your Videos?

Closed captioning is an invaluable public service to everyone who is hearing impaired or needs hearing assistance. But in today’s digital world there are other reasons to provide viewers closed captioning.

Devices Everywhere

Nowadays people watch video on their phones & devices everywhere. We carry our digital devices on the train, plane, in an Uber, at the gym, and many other public places. And with captioning available you can keep the volume off and still enjoy your favorite videos.

Increase in Online Viewership

A study by Discovery Digital Networks found that captioning a YouTube video helps your SEO and increases video traffic. The study found on average there was a 7.32% increase in views over the lifetime of a video when closed captions were added.

Want More Information?

Flawless Transcription is always available to answer any question you may have about closed captioning. Please feel free to call us at (301) 330-5868 or email us at

Click here if you’re interested in our YouTube transcription service.