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2021 Update

Please Note: We keep all data locally stored or on a secure end-to-end encrypted business cloud depending on the scope of the project. Upon completion of your project we will delete your data unless otherwise required.

1.) Flawless Transcription Secure Hightail Link

Click our Hightail link to be taken to a secure upload page. We accept all audio files and every video file type.

  • Please Note: Do not close your browser during the upload process.
  • Along with the upload please email us a personalized note that you have uploaded files or provide that information on Hightail’s upload.
  • Feel free to call us at (301)330-5868 or email us with more information about your project.

2.) Email us:

  • Include links to your audio or video and a description of your project.
  • Vimeo, YouTube, and other public or private links are acceptable.
  • If you send a private link please include the password to access your files.
  • Along with your email, feel free to call us at (301)330-5868 with more information about your project.

3.) Call us at (301)330-5868. We will create a private & secure Dropbox folder for you.

4.) Invite us to collaborate with you using your preferred file sharing platform.

  • Collaborate using SharePoint,, Dropbox, and/or Google Drive.
  • Invite us via email and we will get started on right away.

Not Ready to Send Files Yet?

 Questions? Need an estimate? Reach out. 

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    • Our standard turnaround time is between 2 and 3 days.
    • We can accommodate rush requests and overnight rush requests.
    • We maintain rigorous privacy and security standards.
    • We accept all audio and video file formats without question.
    • We do not use automated services or AI. We type our transcripts.
      • Our transcribers are native English speakers located in the United States..