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Rocket Media Group

I can’t say enough about Flawless Transcription’s closed captioning services. Flawless Transcription never misses a beat and always delivers on time.

Leslie Ralston-Rakow

Gallagher & Associates

I’ve been working with David Deutsch at Flawless Transcription for over 6 years. He has consistently impressed me with the level of care, expertise, and punctuality in delivering the final transcripts.

Kelly D Schaffer
Production Coordinator / Gallagher & Associates

Shameless Maya

Professional, quick turnarounds, and legit “flawless” transcription & captioning despite my grammatical errors and slang. I’m a YouTuber who pumps out videos two times a week with loads of chatter and Flawless manages to keep up! Thrilled I found them and you will be too!

Shameless Maya

Creative Liquid

Transcription sounds like a simple task, but we need to know the firm we use will provide an accurate and reliable product. Flawless Transcription always delivers on time and on budget. We can rely on them to get the job done.

Ryan Pratzel
Executive Producer / Creative Liquid

Kornhaber Brown

The team at Flawless Transcription helps us regularly with very fast-turnaround projects. Their closed captioning is rock-solid and they are absolutely reliable. We recommend them highly.

Eric Brown
Executive Producer / Kornhaber Brown


Flawless Transcription consistently provides outstanding service, fast turnaround, and accurate transcriptions. I’ll continue to call David because he’s friendly and easy to work with, and he’s able to manage my deadlines, always at a price that makes my clients happy.

Jonathan Zurer
Producer / Thinkfilm


Flawless Transcription provides exceptional transcription services very quickly at a competitive price. Responsive and accommodating, Flawless is a friendly and reliable resource for our transcription needs.

Abby Gold
Vice President Director of Video Production / PineRock

EFX Media

Flawless Transcription and David Deutsch have become our go-team source for captioning and transcription. The service is always prompt, the price is the most competitive and the work is, well, flawless.

Victor Van Rees
Vice President / EFX Media

NBC 4 Washington

LOVE working with Flawless Transcription! Great customer service, fast delivery and accurate transcripts.

Robin Fader
Creative Services Producer / WRC-TV NBC 4 Washington

ECG Productions

Flawless Transcription always delivers accurate transcriptions without missing a deadline. If I need something turned around quickly, I can relax knowing Flawless Transcription will get the transcription done well ahead of deadline.

David Wappel
Producer - Editor - Writer / ECG Productions


I’ve been extremely impressed with the accuracy of the transcripts we receive. The attention to detail is fantastic and unmatched. And they deliver their transcripts within 24 hours!

Allison McDaniel
Producer / PBS

Transcription Expertise, Privacy, and Powerful Client Relationships

We offer the most consistent, reliable, and secure audio transcription that moves your business forward. We take customer service and privacy seriously.

Audio Transcription
  • We use specialized keyboards, foot pedals, and transcription software.
  • Our goal is to transform your media into typed text securely and professionally.
  • We will provide .DOC, .DOCX, PDF, or TXT files.
  • Use our template or provide your own custom template.
Closed Captioning and Subtitles
  • Closed Captioning files that meet Section 508 Standards.
  • Open Caption (Subtitle) files.
  • We will create SRT, SCC, VTT files and more.
  • Our caption files can be used for broadcast, digital platforms, and streaming services.
See What Others Are Saying
  • We type our transcripts and proofread them for accuracy.
  • All of our Typists are English Speakers located in the United States.
  • We meet your deadlines and are always there to answer all questions.
  • We never use artificial intelligence or automated services to type your transcripts.
Meeting Your Needs

Our competitors offer a one size fits all approach to transcription. You send an audio file, they give you a bill, and you wait for them to send back a transcript.

  • Flawless Transcription will customize your project to meet your needs.
  • Emphasis on customer service and reliability.
  • Solutions for all audio transcription or closed captioning projects.
  • We offer Rush Transcription, SMPTE Time Code Transcription, and more.
Your Data and Privacy Matters to Us
  • We maintain rigorous data privacy and security standards.
  • We do not share your date or private information with any 3rd party or outside entity.
  • Upon Project Completion: We securely delete all audio and video files.
  • Upon Request: We will sign any Confidentiality Agreement or NDA you submit to us.
  • Our Transcribers all sign a universal NDA and Confidentiality Agreement.