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Transcription Expertise & Powerful Client Relationships

We offer the most consistent, reliable, and affordable transcription that moves your business forward.

Projects Customized to Your Needs

Our competitors offer a one size fits all approach to transcription. You send them an audio file, they give you a bill, and you wait for them to send back a transcript. Flawless Transcription will customize your project to meet your needs.

  • Do you need verbatim transcription? No problem, we will give you a transcript that is nearly 100% accurate.
  • Are you filming for television or a documentary and need time code that matches your video? We offer time code transcription for every audio & video file type.
  • Are you on a tight deadline? Our team consists of expert typists, but also video professionals who understand the nuances & turnaround requirements of film & video production.
Fair Pay for American Workers
  • We do not use overseas labor, automated assistants or A.I. services.
    • We type our transcripts and proofread them.
    • All of our transcribers are native English speakers located in the United States.
    • We pay our employees and contractors a fair living wage.