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Transcription Expertise & Powerful Client Relationships

We offer the most consistent, reliable, and affordable transcription that moves your business forward.

Projects Customized to Your Needs

Our competitors offer a one size fits all approach to transcription. You send them an audio file, they give you a bill, and you wait for them to send back a transcript. Flawless Transcription will customize your project to meet your needs.

  • Do you need verbatim transcription? No problem, we will give you a transcript that is nearly 100% accurate.
  • Are you filming for television or a documentary and need time code that matches your video? We offer time code transcription for every audio & video file type.
  • Are you on a tight deadline? Our team consists of expert typists, but also video professionals who understand the nuances & turnaround requirements of film & video production.
Our Process
  • At Flawless Transcription we use specialized keyboards, foot pedals, and transcription software to load your audio or video files. We securely delete all audio and video files that you send us once the project is complete.
  • We do not use automated assistants or A.I. services.
    • We type our transcripts and proofread them.
    • All of our transcribers are native English speakers located in the United States.