English and Foreign Language Subtitles

English & Foreign Language Subtitles

Flawless Transcription provides subtitle services. We offer English or foreign language subtitles.

  • We provide subtitle sidecar files for YouTube and Facebook
  • Burn-In Subtitles

Why Get English Subtitles?

Burn-In Subtitles are particularly useful in today’s digital world. You’ll see many videos on Facebook that have burned-in subtitles. The reason large companies, small businesses, and individuals with large internet followings put subtitles on every video today is because customers turn their audio off while visiting social media sites.

Spanish Subtitles

We provide Spanish subtitles. If your video’s source language is in English we can print Spanish subtitles. If the source language is Spanish we can put on English subtitles. This is very useful as it will capture a larger audience for your video content.

Subtitle Rates

Our subtitle rates vary from project-to-project. This depends on the content & complexity of the subtitles you are requesting.

Please get a quote, email us, or call us at (301)330-5868 for more information regarding subtitles.

Want More Information?

Flawless Transcription is always available to answer any question you may have about closed captioning. Please feel free to call us at (301) 330-5868 or email us at info@flawlesstranscription.com.

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