Online Captioning

As more and more content is exclusively available online, now more than ever people need closed captioning on the internet. This article from Huffington Post is a well-written editorial asking online content creators to get their videos captioned. Here’s a pretty interesting statistic from the article: “It is estimated that one in every six people on Earth … Read more

How to Caption for YouTube

Creating closed captions for YouTube is a relatively straight-forward process. Let’s break down the steps. 1 – Transcribe Your Video First you will need to transcribe the audio. I recommend breaking down the transcript line by line so it will be easy to implement the captions later. For example: Line 1: Hi this is Flawless … Read more

Captioning in Movie Theaters?

By the end of 2016, closed captioning will be available in most movie theaters nationwide, as a result of developing legislation. Due to advances in technology, closed captioning has become more affordable and more easily available. It is projected that the option for closed captioning will become more and more commonly accessible to the general … Read more

Closed Captioning on iTunes Required by June 30th

Apple has announced that all iTunes videos must have closed captioning by June 30th or the video will be removed from the iTunes platform. According to ZooDigital, the iTunes store has a serious lack of captioned content: “In a review of captioned content conducted in early June, ZOO discovered that approximately 18% of the movie … Read more