Work From Home Transcription Jobs – A How to Guide in Four Steps

A step-by-step guide to begin transcribing from home.

1.) Test Your Typing Speed

Your typing speed determines your pay.

Before considering a career in audio transcription test your typing speed. is a very straightforward resource. The faster you type the more money you will make per hour.

A strong typist should be able to type between 70 and 90 WPM. If you can’t type up to 70 WPM (words per minute) without many errors then you should continue practicing.

2.) Download Transcription Software

Transcription software will keep you organized and increase productivity.

It is essential to download and purchase transcription software. Programs like these help you stay organized and speed up your work.

Transcribing directly from the internet or a pre-installed default media player like QuickTime or Windows Media will not be sufficient.

The advantages of transcription software are:

  1. You can easy play, pause, rewind and fast forward.
  2. You can attach peripheral devices such as a USB foot pedal.
    • A foot pedal allows you to control the audio or video while you continue to use your hands to type and control the text.
    • You can play, pause, fast forward, and rewind using a foot pedal.
  3. Transcription software allows you to play the audio back at different speeds.
  4. Programs such as The FTW Transcriber will even convert your audio files to different formats allowing for the best playback quality and performance.

3.) Buy the Essentials

Please see our article ( on the five main things you’ll need to type from home. You need a good and reliable PC computer setup that includes five basic things:

  1. PC Computer (Check Price on
    Laptop or desktop – we prefer desktop with Windows 10 installed)

  2. Comfortable Chair (Check Price on
    Midback or office chair is preferable. Some people like smaller chairs.

  3. Transcription Software (Check Price on
    There’s limited options. Express Scribe is the best “starter” software available.

  4. Ergonomic Keyboard (Check Price on
    Keyboard (and mouse) go without saying. But we prefer ergonomics to help with wrist and forearm stress. 

  5. Headphones (Check Price on
    Headphones are all about your own personal taste and preference.


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