Wave Agent: A Great Solution for Time Code Transcription


Wave Agent: A Great Solution for Timecode Transcription

One of the best ways to send audio with time code is a broadcast wave, or BWF file. A BWF has the same file extension as a normal WAV file. A BWF looks like any other WAV file for example “Track1.wav.”

However if you’re not sure if it’s a broadcast wave file, or you want to read the time code you need software to view that time code. Sound Devices has come out with a handy tool, it’s totally free, available on all platforms called Wave Agent. You can download it here.

You simply drag your WAV files into the software’s main menu and it will list all of the time codes for each Broadcast Wave file you have, making transcription with time code a breeze. Also Wave Agent has an export option to bounce your list out as a PDF file.

Here’s an example below of a PDF file I made in Wave Agent:

shafir-sound-report-page-001If you click on the picture you can see it lists the “Start TC” of each file I imported.

If you’re a transcriber out there and someone has sent you Broadcast Waves and has requested timecode transcription then this software is a great solution for you. Happy transcribing!

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