YouTube transcription

YouTubers all across the internet want & need their content transcribed & captioned. It’s a great way to keep a record of what has been said and done on your channel, but also provides accessibility to people who have hearing loss and need assistance. Having transcripts & captions available for you YouTube videos also makes your videos searchable & SEO-friendly.

There are a few types of YouTube transcripts.

  • We can provide a standard transcript of your YouTube video at our regular rate of $2.00/minute.
  • We also provide a formatted transcript that you can upload to YouTube and then synchronize to your video. In this article Google provides instructions on how to create a transcript that will easily translate to closed captions for your video.
  • A data file formatted for closed captioning. These files types are ADA and FCC compliant and can be used for on-air broadcast videos as well.


Click the CC button to display the captions.

YouTube Captioning

Yet another option is a closed captioning file for YouTube. There are three steps to this:

  1. We transcribe your video.
  2. Time your text
  3. Create a caption data file that can be uploaded to YouTube.

With YouTube captioning we take care of the entire transcription process for you. You can also use that same caption file on Vimeo and other online streaming services. Click here to see some YouTube captioning examples.

We will transcribe and caption all YouTube videos including:

  • Vlogs or video blogs
  • Films
  • Television shows
  • Music videos
  • And much more!

Expand Your Audience with YouTube Captioning

There are hundreds of hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute! It’s an amazing statistic and it’s extremely easy to get lost in the shuffle because of this. However captioning your YouTube video will expand your audience dramatically and your videos will be viewed a lot more. In fact, a recent study found that video views go up around 13.5% in the first 14 days after adding captions on YouTube. Why do your views go up? One reason is Google indexes all YouTube videos and gives preference to videos with transcripts and captions, but also your views go up because:

  • Your videos will be accessible to the hearing impaired.
  • People will be able to watch the video without sound in situations such as:
    • Riding a train, bus, or car.
    • In a noisy restaurant or bar.
    • In a quiet situation such as a classroom or library.
    • Late at night when your loved ones are sleeping.
    • At the gym or on a noisy treadmill at home.

There are endless situations where closed captioning can be very useful.

Automated Captions for YouTube — Are They Useful?

The short is answer is no. YouTube’s default option for closed captioning is their auto-caption feature. Unfortunately this feature isn’t very useful. The captions are filled with mistakes. If there’s one speaker in a quiet room then the automated captions are readable, but if you introduce accents, background noise, complex words, music, or overlapping/fast dialogue then the auto-captions are essentially useless for the viewer.

Our transcription & captioning service for YouTube is affordable, easy, fast and nearly 100% accurate.

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