Which is the Best Foot Pedal for Transcription?

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Why should a transcriber use a foot pedal?

The foot pedal saves the typist time because you can keep your hands in typing position. A pedal rewinds, pauses, and goes in fast-forward. If you were to transcribe without a foot pedal then you are constantly using your hands to pause the video player. Some people do prefer keyboard shortcuts over a foot pedal, however in my personal experience there is no detriment to using your feet to control your dictations.

Pausing a Foot Pedal

A food pedal allows the typist (or transcriber) to pause the audio file by lifting her foot off of the pedal. The audio file will then rewind to a set number of seconds. This is called playback or rewind. I like to set my audio playback to 2 seconds. By rewinding the file 2 seconds every time I pause, I can make sure what I typed is accurate.

Play, Rewind, and Fast-Forward

The pedal allows the user to play, rewind, and fast-forward the audio file they are typing. There are three buttons on a foot pedal. The play button is normally the large center button. The rewind and fast-forward buttons can be located on the left or right side. Transcription software will allow the user to assign these buttons. Also, you can assign a number of seconds to rewind or fast-forward per foot tap. For example, when using the Start-Stop Universal Transcription System, if you tap the rewind button once the audio file will jump back 5 seconds and if you tap fast-forward the audio file will jump ahead 5 seconds.

USB Connection

The USB connection on foot pedals work with any computer. When you plug the pedal into your Mac or PC your transcription software should immediately be able to recognize the new controller.

The Best Transcription Foot Pedal

Infinity USB Digital Foot Control (IN-USB-2) on Amazon

The Infinity IN-USB-2 foot pedal is the best choice on the market. I’ve personally tested this device on both Mac and PCs and have never run into an issue. The USB device will work with popular programs like Express Scribe Pro & FTW Transcriber. The price is pretty reasonable as well, retailing for under $50.

Saving Time

Time is money. And if you can find a device that consistently saves you time then it’s absolutely worth the investment. To type efficiently you don’t want to move your hands out of position. Using your feet to control the audio file makes a transcriber’s job a lot easier.

Transcription Software Bundles

Here are some great transcription software bundles from Amazon.com. These packages are perfect for new and experienced transcribers. You need only three items to transcribe: software, headphones, and a foot pedal.

Express Scribe Pro Software with USB Foot Pedal on Amazon

Comes with:

    • Express Scribe Pro
    • Infinity USB Foot Pedal

I hope this article was helpful. Let us know if you have any questions. Happy transcribing!

3 thoughts on “Which is the Best Foot Pedal for Transcription?”

  1. My first USB-2 foot pedal lasted about 2 years. I replaced with another USB-2. The new one has been a pain from day one.
    The USB connection constantly fails requiring me to repeatedly unplug & replug to my computer throughout day. I hate to buy another because there are numerous reviews detailing this problem.
    I need to find a better foot pedal but not sure what that is.


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