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Why Choose Us?

We want people to have control over their audio transcription projects. To achieve this Flawless Transcription is committed to two values: Customer Service & Flexibility. Our customer service is world class because we are always available & ready to answer any question. We are flexible because our clients customize their transcription projects to meet their specific needs.

How Are We Different?

Many transcription services on the internet offer automated solutions. You upload files, you pay them online with a credit card, your audio is sent out by a computer to transcribers all over the world, and you get your transcripts back. It’s a one size fits all approach.

Flawless Transcription fits your needs. We know transcription projects are dynamic. Every project is different & deadlines change on the fly. Because of our flexibility and commitment to world class customer service you can be confident your project will get completed on time and correctly.

Our clients tell us what type of transcripts they want & when they need their transcripts back by. And we have a staff member review every piece of audio you send and ensures the most qualified transcriber transcribes your audio or video file.

What Do We Do?

Flawless Transcription offers two services: Audio & Video Transcription and Closed Captioning. For example, you have a set of interviews or focus groups that need to be transcribed. Pick up the phone, email us, or send files over the web, fill us in on any pertinent details (Do you need time coded transcripts? When do you need the transcripts back by?) and we will get started right away.

Our closed captioning service is growing faster than ever. We have captioned everything from PSAs, government videos, on-air documentaries, TV shows, and online captioning for YouTube, iTunes, and Netflix.

Our People

All of our transcribers are native English speakers who live & work in the United States. We do not outsource our work overseas and we never use speech recognition software. Native English speakers are the most qualified because they are familiar with regional dialects and are up to date with current slang & pop culture references. Because we use the best possible domestic transcribers our transcripts are at least 99% accurate.

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